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We are an insurance claims processing company providing credentialing services to behavioral health and other medical providers. For health providers, medical credentialing is the process of getting networked with insurance companies, which is also described as "getting on insurance panels." 

Medical credentialing is a popular term among health providers these days, especially among counselors, LCSW, LCPs, and even massage therapists who only a few years ago were able to run "cash only" practices. In contrast, today these providers are finding that patients and clients are demanding that they accepts their insurance for payment, which is also referred to as "third party payments." 

Completing one's medical credentialing process involves retrieving and filling-out a series of applications with insurance companies, submitting the applications to insurance companies, and then doing a lot of follow up. While many health providers describe this process as a "nightmare" we are here to turn those nightmares into pleasant dreams for medical providers! 

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